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Crystals & Crystalline Energy

A few months ago I was listening to one of my favourite online radio shows the ‘Beyond The Ordinary Show’ with John Burgos. John hosts a broad range of speakers from the holistic/energy/spiritual/healing/consciousness world and broadcasts interesting and expansive conversations. I love this whole magical world of energy, where there’s never a dull moment and it’s really interesting to tune in to see what’s happening and how everything is changing in this spiritual arena. I dip in and out, depending on what tickles my fancy, but on this particular day I caught him halfway through an interview with Zoe Davenport . I had never heard of Zoe but found I had a deep resonance with the conversation, to the point where I found myself doing something I never do, signing up for her Crystalline Grid – Light Code Activation & Ascension Alignment 5 week program. What does that even mean??!


A crystal grid I made for my Wesak meditation

I had absolutely no clue what it was or why I was doing it, but 10 days later I was an hour and a half into a six and a half hour road trip south of Auckland to Mahia Penninsula when I pulled over into a BP gas station on the highway in the middle of nowhere to dial into the first live call. I heard the sound of sacred chimes, an introduction from Zoe and an opening ceremony to set the intention and space for the group for the next 5 weeks. We then went through an extensive activation involving breathing, visualisation and channeled messages to open the heart, align with the crystal collective and crystalline energy, our higher selves and ground into Mamma Earth. Zoe’s staccato voice when she was channeling (as is often the case with channeling where the tone and tempo of peoples voices change due to the energy they are bringing through) provided a lovely rhythm and cadence for the meditation activation. I had goosebumps intermittently.

“The Crystalline grid is a Geometric Light Grid around Earth, holding the frequency needed for the 5th dimensional consciousness in physical form. It’s an intricate complex framework of light photons, sacred geometric patterns and encodements [that] links up the entire holographic framework around the globe” Zoe Davenport.

I have always heard about crystalline energy, that we are becoming less dense beings, and moving into more of our ‘lightbody’. In other words, we expand and evolve into more of the wholeness of who we truly are. It’s way more exciting the way Zoe explains it “our bodies shift from one of carbon density to Crystalline. These shifts house our potential of multi-dimensional realities, timeline jumping, accelerated quantum creations and the embodying that who we are in this experience is the divine expression in physical form.”

About 40 minutes later I came out of the meditation feeling electricity running throughout my head, arms and legs. My whole body was fizzing with energy. I noticed throughout the call that I felt headachy, heady in general and some pain and tightness in my heart area. An hour and twenty minutes later I was floating back on the highway giggling to myself at how I was going to drive for the next 5 hours given how giddy and high I was feeling. I was bursting with light and energy. Note – do not attempt incredibly powerful crystalline activation when you have to do serious tasks, especially be in charge of a motor vehicle.

Each week a new theme came in energetically for us to work with on each activation, which Zoe did live from a different portal of high vibration energy centres around the world such as Vancouver Island, Hawaii and Mt. Shasta. This amped the energy up full throttle on each call until it was seriously palpable. Week 2 was an Atlantis Crystal Blue Heart Opening and forgiveness of past life traumas, Week 3 was Golden Dimensional Rays of Abundant Receiving, Week 4 Harmonising With Gaia & All Creation and Week 5 Expanding, Anchoring & Aligning with Divine Flow.

Given the nature of expansion through energy work sometimes there are thoughts and emotions that come up or bits you need to work through, however for the majority of time over the 5 weeks I felt buoyant, positive and vibrating on a new level. I felt upgraded in a more consistent way than I had ever felt. I experienced an unlocking within me of a ‘knowing’ of 5D. A 5th dimensional way of being and living this reality, that I had only theoretically understood before. Any sense of attachment fell away and I didn’t feel affected by things going on in my life as I might have done in the past. I had inspiration flooding in to restart and relove this blog, to create a new showmethefuckingfairies instagram, and a game changing insight about my relationship with Annie, my mum. I know this is fundamental to the storyline of my Show Me The Fucking Fairies book which I am currently writing. I also came away with a new understanding of crystals and a game changing new technique to activate and work with them, providing a new level of understanding, fun and joy. I feel a sense of wonderment and excitement as to what is ahead and I am so thankful to Zoe and the group for this wonderfully enlightening experience. I highly recommend undertaking such an experience if you want to transform into more love and joy and ‘next level’ your being.

Featured image photo credit: Zoe Davenport


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