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No Seriously, About Those Fairies….

I’ve always been obsessed with fairies. Fairies, magic and all things mystical. My favourite books when I was a kid were things like The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blighton and The Flower Fairy books by Cecily Mary Barker. I was even nicknamed ‘Fairy’ when I was working as a waitress in hospitality. Which I’d like to think was because I was beautiful, petite and flitting around elegantly, however I think it was just because I was a complete and utter hippy.

At various points I’ve tried to see the fairies. Squinting away in the forest or trying to commune with them by the flowers. Waiting for one to pop out from behind a tree, or flutter by. I was once told I was looking in the wrong places. How can nature be the wrong places? Either way, never a fairy did I see in the flesh. Which was probably my first problem. Trying to ‘see’ them as opposed to feeling them energetically.

During week 4 of a Crystelline Activation Program I was participating in, the fairies came through via our channel Zoe Davenport. She had mentioned just before the call that the fairy energy was around this week, which was quite synchronistic for me given I had rebooted and created a new instagram of the same name days before. Fairy energy is all about fun + play + levity. They are also known to be a little mischievous. Right up my alley.

Later that day after the activation I left for my daily walk up Mangawhau (Mt. Eden here in Auckland, NZ). Finally, here I was properly connected to the fairy energy and all buzzed out from the mornings activation. If ever there was a time I had the potential of seeing a fairy – this was it! As I was leaving my flat I said “OK fairies – show me whatcha got!”. And off I went.

I was taking in the beautiful calm & serenity of the bush track, as I ventured up the mountain when I rounded a corner to see a massive blue burmese looking at me with sheer terror. He broke left, skidding over some leaves before changing his mind, doing a complete 180 and charging straight for me, a look of terrified fury in his eyes. Which happened to be also bulging out his head. He squeezed between my leg and the mud bank at speed, as I jumped in fright.


*Not the real cat, envision one far more fatty with added eye bulging and terror

He was so fat his back legs were fishtailing side to side as he scrambled away, faster than his paws could carry him. He looked so hilarious skidding down the bank on his arse trying to keep up with himself. The entire thing was like a slow motion movie scene. After my initial fright, and then shock, I started laughing out loud. I had never seen a domestic cat up Mt. Eden in the last 2 years of going almost daily.

Well played fairies. Well played.
Fairies – 1 : Jo – 0.


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