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Parsley, cucumber and pumpkin seed salad w/ thick tahini lime dressing


Parsley is an amazing detoxifier. I’m a huge fan of tabouli and love to experiment with different ways of incorporating the heavy parsley base into other salads.

I had a bunch of cucumber that needed to be used up so I threw together this detox friendly salad which quickly became a new favourite. It’s great served by itself, with a bit of butter/romaine lettuce, or combined with other salads or mains.

Peel and deseed one large telegraph cucumber. I deseed with a spoon to scrape out the seeds and leave all the good stuff. Chop it into small chunks. Wash and roughly chop a large bunch of parsley so that it’s of medium size pieces. If you chop it too fine and it won’t hold the dressing. Grab your pumpkin seeds and toss everything together in a bowl.

For the dressing I used a Brazilian Tahini – which I then realised was with toasted sesame seeds not raw. Although raw is healthier and more nutritious, the accidental toasted version I used (which was typically Brazilian and a little salty) gave nice contrast to the fresh cuc and earthy parsley. I mixed half a cup with the juice of half a lime so as the texture was nice and thick. Be sure not to water it down too much as you want the dressing to stick to everything so it’s nice and creamy. If you use raw tahini then add some salt to taste. Mix everything together and serve as you wish.

Warning: it’s addictive.



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