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Are we in another dimension?

During the weekend I pottered around the town hanging out with new friends, doing some journaling and relaxing in the two cafes they have in this town. I met two girls from LA, Christina and Susan at sunset hill, and in Frutti’s cafe later that night we were laughing incredulously at this experience over some green juices and ginger tea. If we told anyone what we were doing in this place they’d think we were certifiable. Prancing around in white outfits, touching our foreheads into magic manifesting triangles, sitting eyes closed in meditation for hours on end, lying on beds under crystals with flashing coloured lights and watching some random old Brazilian guy cut people open on stage. It sounded completely off the wall. Yet here we were rolling with it like it was the most normal thing in the world.

The more you get into the Abadiania experience, the more you see there is far more to it than meets the eye. Not only does all of the above take place, but you come to realise that you are on another energetic plane completely. This place has such a high vibration that you are not just being worked on when you go to the Casa or when you are in session with John of God. You are being worked on 24-7 by these beings of light. Whatever you are here for, the Entities know what your soul needs most to work through your issues in order to bring you back to wholeness. So everything is orchestrated with divine will in the world around you to clear, heal, and transform you to the next level. You might meet someone who tells you a story of the exact thing you needed to know to shift something in your consciousness that is holding you back. You may get into a situation where there is an altercation with someone in a store to show you that you that your relationship with judgment and compassion that needs to be looked at. A stray cat may appear needing love and attention to help you open your heart. The universe is always speaking to us, inside Abadiania or out but often when in our daily lives we pay it no attention. When you are in spiritual retreat and consciously working to heal and release all that is not serving you – the volume is turned up and things happen so synchronistically and quickly it’s like being in another dimension. I found myself wondering – where the hell am I again and what is really going on in this place?

The last couple of nights I had awoken at 4.44am to scratching and scraping noises coming from the hall entranceway

Susan and I in our whites

Susan and I in our whites

by the main door or the balcony. It sounded like something was being very busy running around and ferreting away. I wanted to get up and see what was making these noises but every time I woke up, I was too sleepy to rouse properly and didn’t have a torch to allow me to investigate. My imagination had made a break for it and I had gone from envisioning giant spiders to goblins to some kind of weird killer gremlins. I was now a little scared as to what I might find.

Who were these ‘creatures of the night’ and why were they in my reality? I spoke to my Austrian neighbour about them one morning. “Oh yes” he said laughing “I hear these creatures you speak of. I have no idea what they are”. Oh thank god, I thought with some relief. It wasn’t just me then. I, and now the girls too, were very curious about these mystery of these things outside my room. I was determined to somehow find out what they were. We also had an extensive discussion around the surgeries at the Casa as you can volunteer yourself for surgery if you feel guided to, and I was interested to hear their point of view. Christina had said “the more surgeries the better, they can’t do everything in one so you gotta pack em in” in her incredibly thick New York accent. Susan was going along on Christinas advice given she had been coming to the Casa for years, and Jutta my Casa guide was of the impression that it was the Entities pushing us to use out intuition more. For me I felt like this was more of a crowd management solution for the growing numbers coming to the Casa than anything else, and that if I needed surgery, I would be told. I later found out that the voluntary surgeries had only started being offered a year ago. After confusing myself with everyone’s differing opinions, I realised that I needed to give ‘the doubter’ in my head less airtime and learn to back myself. My first thought was always the right one and I needed to start trusting it, and trusting myself.



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