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The Current & Prayer Triangles

The King Solomon prayer triangle at the back of the Casa

After 24 hours of bed rest following my first spiritual operation I went to the Casa the next afternoon for my first Current session. I wanted to be in the energies as much as possible to help the healing from my operation from which I was feeling significant effects. Current sessions can be anywhere from 2-6 hours, on rare occasion sometimes more. People queue up early to get a good seat coming armed with special pillows, meditation seats, eye masks. The first Current room is where you sit unless you have been told by the Entity to sit in another room. This room has the advantage of being guided in English, which can be saving grace through the longer sessions as they also tell you what is going on. You sit with your body open, feet and arms uncrossed with at least one foot on the floor to connect with the ginormous crystal bed that the Casa is built on. Medium Joao was guided by spirits to build the Casa in this specific spot in Abadiania finding out later that it was built on a huge quartz crystal vortex with a river running through it which greatly amplifies the energy so that the healing work can be performed.

The first room is also known as the ‘cleansing room’ as all of the people in the lines come through this area to get cleansed first before going in front of the Entity. The very first front seat by the door where people f is known as the ‘vomit seat’ as the energy can be the densest here and a rubbish bin is permanently placed there at all times for any sudden urges.

The Entities advise people to sit in Current as much as possible during your time at the Casa as this is where much of

Mother Mary statue at sunset

Mother Mary statue at sunset

the healing work happens. Although a struggle to sit there for hours on end, it feels good to hold the light for Joao and the Entities performing the work. We were often reminded that ‘in giving, we receive’. During the Current sessions you get a deep cleansing and often various emotions come up to be release as the Entities continue to work on you. Some people even receive spiritual interventions while sitting in the Current.

I heard people talking about their “amaaaazing” Current sessions where they were shown the entire journey of the universe from the big bang, or that they were met with an apparition of Mother Mary or were taken on an astral travel journey into other dimensions. All of this sounded pretty incredible and I was brimming with excitement to see what happened in my first one. My enthusiasm lasted all of twenty minutes before I started feeling distracted, agitated, uncomfortable and wondering when it was going to be over. Where was my being who was going to come chat to me and give me some life changing intel? Where was my journey into the beyonds of universal time and space? I sat there feeling every inch of my sore arse while time dripped by as slowly a triple filtered coffee percolator. I was wondering why I wasn’t one of the chosen ones for some kind of divine experience? I did a pretty crap job of anchoring the light within me let alone in the Current room, so by the time the session finished a little after 5pm with closing prayers and a shot of blessed water I was desperate to get out of there.

The Prayer triangle in the Main Hall

The Prayer triangle in the Main Hall

I stopped by the prayer triangle in the Main Hall on the way out. There are three wooden prayer triangles in different places in the Casa where you can place healing requests, photos, prayers and letters to the Entities with your wishes and desires for your self or others. You remove your shoes, take your written request and tuck it into the frame before standing or kneeling in front of the triangle while pressing your forehead into the centre of the wall while you pray. The centre of the triangle is marked and worn from so many heads being pressed there in silent prayer over many years. When I put my head against the wall I felt a rush of energy and it came in waves. I’d felt similar weird feelings over the years not really knowing what they were or meant. The waves of energy washing through me felt quite intense and I stood there until they died down, offering my prayers for the planet, myself, friends and loved ones. The triangle shape is a symbol of a ‘portal’ to another realm, stemming from the Pyramids. Putting a request in a triangle is just another way to communicate with the Entities of light at the Casa and I heard of many instances of these requests coming to fruition from others or my own experiences some of which I will share in my subsequent posts.


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