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Spiritual surgery. Say what?!

2nd Time line token

After my first experience in front of JOG that morning and completing the prescription of crystal beds and herbs, the 2pm afternoon session was my next stop for the ‘2a Vez’ queue to get reevaluated.

2nd Time line token

2nd Time line token 

Generally the Entity usually says one of a range of prescriptions: herbs, crystal beds, massage, meditate in his current room, have a spiritual intervention, go to the sacred waterfall or come back another time. A spiritual intervention can be for physical, spiritual, emotional or energetic issues and is essentially an operation. This operation is performed either as invisible or physical. The physical operation is generally performed on stage in front of all in the Great Hall and can involve cutting the skin, the invisible is the same work – but done invisibly, the choice is yours. If you feel you need proof physical is for you, but most opt for invisible. All operations are done under spiritual anaesthesia with no drugs of any kind. The methods used are far in advance of any medical knowledge known today and the Entity will always ask doctors in the crowd to come forth and watch what he is doing up close. The doctors are always amazed and say this is not possible under their current practice of medicine. I was just as nervous the second time around and as I neared the front of the line the Entity took my hand and said something brief in Portuguese. The translator said “Come back tomorrow at 8am”. Jutta looked slightly confused but was being ushered out to the blessing room and there’s no chance of clarification when there are hundreds of people behind you. Once outside following the blessing Jutta double-checked with the chap who had done the translation and he reiterated that yes, we were to come back in the morning for the 8am line.

Flower child

Flower child

I went back to my room to relax after getting a pedicure and perusing the shops, ate dinner with the team at the pousada and fell into bed alarmingly early. The 6.30am start was something I clearly wasn’t used to after the previous two months of World Cup party sleep ins.

The next morning at the Casa cafe Jutta said “I have some news. You’re going for a spiritual intervention this morning, if you choose to. There was a mistake yesterday”. “OK” I said. “Change of plan. No worries!”. “What plan did you have?” asked Mossimo another client of Juttas, laughing. “Well I guess none” I said. Jutta explained further that Joao’s right hand woman who has been working with him for over 20 years came to find her last night at the pousada to tell her that the Entity had meant operation at 8am, not the 8am line. Barbara or ‘Starshine’ then arrived, an eccentric 60 year old woman from Seattle who was living in Australia for many years. I couldn’t quite bring myself to actually call her Starshine. We all went to the main hall and I was barely able to keep my eyes open due to the energy. After the prayers the spiritual intervention line was called and we were funnelled through the current rooms and around to the blessing room for the proceedings. We closed our eyes and put our right hands over our hearts (or over your specific concerned area or injury) for the procedure. JOG came in incorporating whichever Entity was working and said some words in Portuguese which were something along the lines of “You are being blessed and with the power of God you are healed”. They ask at that point for those requesting a physical operation to raise their hand. I could hear a few people being attended to. I was certainly not volunteering for that.

Although physical surgeries are usually done on the main stage, I overheard a story of someone in the line to see the Entity being given surgery right then and there, with a queue of people behind her. She had a ‘nose job’ which is quite common, where a sharp metal surgical scissor type object is thrust right up the depths of the nasal passage into the brain. Apparently she could feel everything that was happening without pain. I was learning to ‘expect the unexpected’ in Abadiania and that when working with spirit, anything can happen.

During my invisible spiritual intervention it felt like I was being worked on. Not painful, just pricking and prodding and other strange sensations inside my nose, stomach and womb, chest, right bicep (felt like an injection) and one of my knees. They can work on up to nine issues at once. Go the spiritual realms and their efficiency! The procedure lasted 15-20 minutes,  we were blessed and then told to open our eyes. When I opened mine I realised just how medicated I felt. They give you a spiritual anaesthesic but I was not expecting it to feel like drugs you get in hospital. I was in a haze and the world around me was going at a different pace. I slowly started to gather myself together and move with the rest of the people towards the door. I was hit by bright sunlight on exit which heightened my altered state. I very woozily made my way around the corner for post surgery instructions. Take a taxi back to your pousada no matter how

Prescription from the Entity

Prescription from the Entity

close. 24 hours of bed rest. No reading, writing, email, Facebook – nada. Just sleeping or eyes closed in bed. Aim for no contact with others, or minimal if it can’t be helped as your energy field is more exposed. For 7 days take it easy, no heavy lifting, strenuous exercise or sun exposure. Essentially, normal hospital post op rules. Post op herbs are required from the Farmacia which while taking for the next 2.5 months you must not consume fertilised eggs, chilli/pepper or alcohol. If it’s your first surgery there is no sex, with yourself or others for 40 days. Lastly I had to write my name, birthdate, address in Abadiania and date/time of surgery to put in the basket at reception for my ‘White Night’.  This is when 7 nights later the spiritual surgeons come to take your stitches out while you sleep and do any further post op care. I was in a complete daze while listening to all the instructions, trying to get into my head the things I had to do but my brain seemed to be under the influence. Does not compute. I managed to get everything done before Jutta put me in a cab, commenting that I looked like the work had been very strong.
Raphael a manager, was there to greet me when I got to my pousada and he helped me mark the meal chart to ensure I would get delivery to my room for the next 24 hours. When I got home to my Coco B room I caught myself in the mirror briefly noting my glazed eyes with pupils as big as saucers. I fell into bed and passed out immediately despite having woken from a full nights sleep a few hours ago. I awoke 3 hours later with cotton mouth. It was so dry it felt like I had been on some marathon drinking binge, passed out on the beach and woken up in the blazing sun the next morning. Interestingly spiritual anaesthetic seemed to have similar effects on the body to a chemical one. My lunch was delivered and I picked at it before heading back to bed and feeling a wall of heat over my body. I woke up hours later at 4.30pm with recollection of some very strange dreams and more ferocious thirst. After sleeping so much I lay there with my eyes closed for the next couple of hours before dinner. I noticed after the anaesthetic wore off in the early afternoon I could now feel pain. Intense tenderness inside my entire stomach area – both front and sides. I couldn’t lie on my left side as it was just too sore. I also felt the Entities doing more work on me while I lay there. I ate a bit more and then went back to sleep. That night I slept on and off in similar spurts to during the day, usually waking up every 3-4 hours because of the pain and thirst.

The following day after my 24 hours was up I very gingerly got up and slowly walked to Frutti’s cafe. This spiritual operation was no joke. There was no doubt in my mind that I had had a very serious procedure as my body told me so. I was intrigued to know more about this whole affair.


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