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My first session with John of God

The next day I was so excited I was up with the larks at 5.45am getting ready for my 7.30am date at the Casa. I met Juttas group at the Casa café surrounded by a flood of people dressed in white. There was an air of calmness and serenity and I could already feel some interesting sensations in my body.

Looking towards the Casa Main Hall in the morning

Looking towards the Casa Main Hall in the morning

The Casa sessions are organized into groups for ‘Primera Vez’ or ‘First time’ people who have never been before, ‘Segunda Vez’ or ‘Second time’ for those who are in the system, ‘Revisao’ for post op care after spiritual intervention operations and ‘8 o’clock or 2’o’clock lines if you were asked by the Entity to come back at those times. Some need tokens, some don’t. I got my ‘Primera Vez’ token and surveyed the scene. A fair few hundred people of all shapes, sizes and various states of health. Some barely able to walk, others with breathing tubes, wheelchairs, canes and so forth. Given I was able bodied and in pretty good health I started to feel a bit self conscious about coming to this place where so many with serious illness, disfigurements and life threatening diseases come to seek help. We waited a good while outside before taking a sneaky side entrance where we squeezed into the middle of the crowd in front of the stage.

Various speakers took the microphone reciting prayers, songs and personal experiences mainly in Portuguese as João was out the back getting into trance and incorporating whichever Entity might come through for the session. I stood there wide eyed and taking it all in. I could see people sitting through the doorway ‘in Current’ meditation with their eyes closed to anchor the light and support the energy work taking place. Despite the Casa being non-denominational with all faiths and beliefs welcomed, some of the material sounded highly religious. It immediately got my back up. I was kicked out of religious education when I was 13 years old after being told by the Reverend that I was “a devils child”. Part of me knew even then that the religious information they were trying to force down my throat had been distorted and manipulated far from it’s original true intention and pure form. It took me years to be OK with the word God and be able to say it without having a negative physical reaction to it. Guess I still needed to do a bit more work on that! I was conscious that I shouldn’t judge, and I needed to remain open.


The stage area – empty on another day. They have now stopped allowing photography during Casa days as cameras, cellphones & tablets interfere with the energy

The prayer work raises the vibration, no matter the denomination and the energy gets so strong it is palpable. You can feel the force of it, even from outside the Great Hall. When I first experienced it, I felt like I was hit in the chest with a wave of hot air. It was like going from an air-conditioned office to the street in New York on a hundred degree day. That’s the kind of physical force it felt like to me. It was quite heady, almost like I could faint. This was followed by a wave of tiredness where I was struggling to keep my eyes open. Some people don’t feel anything at all.

Earlier the translators had worked our 3 questions into Portuguese to present to John of God. I was a little put on the spot. I had spent so much time frolicking about from country to country over the last nine months that I really hadn’t tuned in to why the hell I was really here or what I wanted out of it. My instinct was to hand myself over to the Entities to do whatever they thought was for my highest good, but was told they like you to take an active part in your work and healing there. So I ended up with some not so well thought out requests 1) Hormone imbalances and overheating of the body, 2) Help writing my book and 3) Spiritual development.


Busloads of people arrive every day from all over Brazil. Guess you can get a ride to Jesus afterwards!

The Entity calls the order of lines depending on the amount of people, the healing issues at hand, the level of the energy they have to work with supported by people in the Current meditation and other factors beyond our knowledge. There is no set order, and sometimes they throw wild cards like sending everyone for a blessing or entire lines for an operation. They run the show and you never quite know what is going to happen. Before I knew it ‘Primera Vez’’ was up and Jutta was herding me towards the flowing queue of white. Everyone in the hall, inside or out must keep hands, arms, legs uncrossed so that the energy can flow and amplify through everyone. The queue monitors adjusted my bag over to one shoulder on the way in, as wearing it cross body blocks the energy. Scarves, sweaters and anything tied is also removed to keep all bodies as an open vessel for the energy.

I was ushered into the first ‘Current’ room where about 80 people were sitting on wooden church pews in meditation with their eyes closed. There were advisors leading prayers and guided meditations. The beings of light use peoples bodies and their energy/light to anchor and amplify the energy for the work. This can last for hours, and the Entity keeps working until every single person has been seen. The first room is the cleansing room to clean the energy of all who comes through it. I was nervous as I made my way in silence following the snake of people into the second Current Room where approx. 300-400 people sat in more pews in meditation. There were a dozen special padded armchairs closer to where João sits for mediums or terminally ill people before five or six gigantic quartz crystals were lined up, all of them as tall as a person.


The garden and soup area

I was finally in front of João and my consultation lasted a few seconds while the translator read my requests in Portuguese. Your energy field is already scanned well before you even get to the front of the queue so it’s a very quick process. Between my nervousness and the speed, I barely remember what happened but I do recall feeling at calmly at peace as he took my hand in his and prescribed two crystal beds and herbs. I was then ushered through to the Blessing room and directed to a pew. I was asked to close my eyes immediately as prayers were uttered for some minutes before we were told to move through the door outside. They definitely have a well oiled machine running, necessary to manage the thousands who come to the Casa each day.


A prescription and herbs from the Entity

With luck I managed to get two crystal beds starting in 10 minutes. Perfect timing. Each private therapy room has an individual bed set up with an apparatus 30 cm’s above the bed containing quartz crystals cut specifically for each chakra. They have a corresponding colour therapy light inside. I lay down under the randomly blinking lights and cuddled up with a blanket, listening to the soothing music being piped into the room. An attendant called back to lay a piece of cloth over my eyes and I soon sank into a deep relaxation. It’s unclear whether I fell asleep or went into some kind of altered state, but when the door opened to denote the end of the session I abruptly came to. I got up, feeling very spacey as I made my way back to meet Jutta. Next I went to get a bowl of the healing soup – a vegetable and noodle soup that is part of the protocol advised by the Entities. The soup was lukewarm at best so I ate some of the veggies and surreptitiously slid it back into the dishes pile, heading to the Farmacia to pick up my prescription. Everyone gets the same base herbs, passiflora (passionfruit flower) which is then layered with the specific energy signature prescribed for you by spirits working with the people in the Farmacia. The herbs themselves don’t do much and are merely a transporter for the energy.

I headed out back to the pousada to relax before lunch and the afternoon session where I would go back in front of an Entity to be reevaluated after completing my crystal beds and starting my herbs. So far, so good. I was interested to see what would happen next.


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