Adventures in pursuit of the magic of life

First night in Abadiania

I arrived at my pousada down the end of a paved road containing various pousadas, private residences and cats. I sat there feeling slightly unsure and out of place until Jutta arrived, who I had been corresponding with regarding a room . A slightly older German woman arrived with long red hair, tanned skin, bright blue eyes and a flowing colourful outfit accessorised not only with silver Indian hand jewellery but an array of crystal necklaces, charms and a leather pouched belt. Oh yes, I had arrived. At hippy central.

Jutta was quite surprised to see me. Usually her vague email inquiries never eventuate, but here I was standing there in the flesh a couple of days after messaging her. “I like your spontaneous spirit” she said with a raised eyebrow and an interested glint in her eye. She showed me a few rooms and offered me her ‘official Casa appointed guiding’ services. As a first time visitor it’s recommended by John of God to visit his Casa de Dom Inácio with a guide due to the slightly complicated protocol and Portuguese proceedings. Given my post World Cup over-fiesta’d state I happily handed the reigns over to her, accepting her service for the Casa session the next morning. I settled on a simple bright room with a lovely pyramid ceiling littered with small starry down-lights and a stunning view of the countryside. Later, after some food from the nightly buffet of fresh salads, rice, beans, pastas, meats and fruit I accompanied Jutta to check on one of her clients while she gave me the run down on what would happen the following day. John of God is in the Casa every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week. There are two sessions a day, the first at 8am and the second at 2pm. All participants and Casa volunteers wear head to toe white clothing, underwear and all. This is so that the energies of different beings of light (or entities as they are called in Abadiania) working through John of God can see your blueprint of energy for diagnosis.

These Entities are the conduit for high vibrational healing using Universal, Source, Creator, God, divine energy – or whatever term you resonate with for the unseen energetic forces at work on our planet.  João de Deus as he is known in Brazil always reminds everyone that

“I do not cure anybody. God heals, and in his infinite goodness permits the Entities to heal and console my brothers. I am merely an instrument in God’s divine hands”.

Allegedly JOG doesn’t remember anything of what happens during the sessions when the entities are working through him.


The miracle room

I was taken on a tour of the Casa in the dark, a complex of basic white buildings with painted blue accents comprised of the Main Hall for Casa sessions containing various Current meditation rooms off the main hall, crystal bed session rooms, a cafe, a crystal/book store and a garden. We passed a small room full of crutches, canes and wheelchairs that had been discarded, no longer needed after successful healings. It was quite impressive. As we made our way back to the pousada I was told to spend the rest of the evening thinking of three things I wanted to ask the Entity for help with at the session the next morning. Shit, all I’d been thinking about was beach, booze and boys for the last 6 months. I needed to shift gears pronto.


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